Who We Serve

Addiction is not simply a self-control or coping problem, it is a living problem. Without recognizing ones’ struggle to apply the gospel to their life and a need for transformation, they will not change.

Our Organization

The Jericho House is a team of individuals, helping men find freedom from the bondage of addiction to the freedom of Christ.

Each staff member has their own story for how God has transformed their life. This freedom and change gives each person a passion to help others find a loving, healing relationship with the Lord.

Addiction Recovery For Men

We serve men who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. However, if they are not ready or wanting to begin the road to recovery, they won’t have the determination to break free from addiction.

If you are ready to start healing, view our men’s program and fill out our men’s program application.

Family Recovery

Addiction causes deep wounds in more than just the addict. It affects everyone in your family and community as well.

Our passion is to provide healing opportunities for the whole family.

We recognize that each family has unique needs and are equipped to provide tools and counseling to reconcile each household.

This can be a confusing time.

If you need to call and find the first steps or learn how to do an intervention, contact us today at 706-878-0015 Ext 1.


Happy family