men's testimonies

Stories of Transformation

My addiction to weed began when I was 13, though the first time I ever got black out drunk was age 11. Needless to say my curiosity towards chemicals began at a young age and my dependency upon them has strengthened over the years with the use of many more things. The feeling amphetamines became familiar early in my childhood through the prescription of ADHD medication, so when I did meth for the first time I was relieved to find a drug that made me feel that way for much longer than usual. I tried quitting many times but never got past 45 days. I wanted a deeper meaning and truth that I never found. My family encouraged me to attend Jericho House as my unhappiness increased, feeling sad, helpless, and far from God. I am willing to focus on the program and change because the alternative is a life filled with chaos.

– Gage

I started using drugs at the age of 18, and by the time I was 21, I had a wrap sheet a mile long. I had been to jail more than twenty times because of my drug use and burned every bridge there was. I was out of control. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse I lost not only my best friend, but my momma due to suicide. I was so lost. I overdosed nine times in six months. I was so ready to die, but on September the 28th I was accepted into the Jericho House. Not only am I sober, but I have an awesome relationship with the Lord. My life is so amazing, and I am so thankful for God pulling me out of the streets.

– Ronald

Born in a refugee camp, raised by my grandma, knowing the abusive of a step-dad, and losing my mom as she was arrested, I was a lost child in the foster system where I was trying to take care of my younger sibling. Throughout those years of adversity, lots of things tore me down and made me stronger. When I was 10, I met Christ. I have overdosed twice and have been on the verge of ending my life. This is my second rehab facility I have been to and I believe through all the messes of my life the reason I’m still here is because Jesus Christ my Lord has been watching over me. I believe He has a great plan and purpose that He wants me to carry out.

– Levi

From farther back than I can remember, alcohol has been in my life. I would drive all over to get it, accept a shot or beer any time of the day, and would even occasionally take a water bottle full of clear liquor with me to the store. I reached a rock bottom when my wife walked out with the girls for a second time in my marriage and took my children. I was on the verge of losing my mom and step-dad as well as my closest friends due to my actions and the pain I was putting them through. I lost large chunks of time to being passed out and black out drunk. I woke up one evening in a temporary moment of pure clarity and saw what was happening, what I had done, and what I had become. I knew I needed help at that moment. My family and friends found The Jericho House for me as I was going through the painful process of sobering up. I pray that I can leave here as the man, the husband, and the father that God intended me to be; the Jody I have never seen, the Jody that I got in my own way of becoming. I’m not simply looking for sobriety. I’m here for restoration, a new life, a true lifestyle change.

– Jody

I started smoking weed and drinking in middle school but did alright in high school. At this point I smoked weed every day and would go out parting and drinking with friends on weekends. By 18, I had a baby and the next few years of my life were pretty good. We had my son, and I started a handyman service that was thriving. But my addiction to pain medication only got worse. When I was 21 years old my girlfriend had our 2nd baby. I was up to taking almost 20 Roxys a day. Then at 23, I was introduced to heroin and meth. Everything was downhill from there. I lost my business, house, cars, trucks, pretty much everything. I was to the point in my addiction where it wasn’t even fun anymore. I was doing it just not to be sick. I needed help. Asking for help and coming to the Jericho House has truly changed my life. Since I’ve been here I have true joy in life, met a lot of good lifelong friends, and have adopted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

– Andrew

I first started smoking weed when I was 14 years old and soon after started trying other drugs. My parents sent me to private school to change up my friends and lifestyle. This really made my addiction worse because everyone always had money and connections to any drug you wanted. I started to get in more arguments and fights with my family and stole money from them to afford my addictions. Eventually after high school I went to college and worked for UPS. I did a lot of partying and more hard drugs at the time, but I was still able to work Monday-Friday. After 2 years of school I dropped out and quit my job because of my addiction. I’m now choosing the Jericho House program to work on my addiction and to fix my relationship with my family. Also, I hope to find that relationship with God that I’ve always been looking for.

– Jaden

It all started when I was 12 years old. I smoked, drank, and partied. I stopped for a while when my brother found out and I got into sports. When he passed away I fell off the deep end in my addictions. I went to prison for a number of years, and didn’t care about anyone. I got married and had a daughter Jessica, but after 7 years, but my addictions got a hold of me again. I got saved in prison, baptized, and remarried having two boys. It was the best time of my life. I worked hard all the time doing tree work and became a journeyman lineman and my drinking went through the roof as well as drug abuse. I got into a bike wreck and locked myself away for 3 years drinking and drug use. I found The Jericho House online and here I am. Thank you!

– Eric