Find Healing & Reconciliation

Addiction affects more than just the addict.

It damages family, friends, and community relationships as well. It is an equal opportunity destroyer.

But there is hope to restore these relationships.

Through forgiveness and reconciliation, our Family Recovery Program helps your family build trust and learn to function as a unit. Having the support of family means higher chance of recovery in the long run. That is why we focus so much time with our clients and families- to rebuild relationships and build success for the future.

Our Family Counseling Program For Current Residents Includes:

  • Understanding how chemical dependency affects the whole family
  • Analyzing family dynamics
  • How to go through the recovery process together
  • Overcoming negative attitudes with the truth
  • Forgiving – truth and myths about forgiveness
  • How to find wholeness
  • Reconciliation

We recognize that there are many emotions and underlying issues for everyone involved in substance abuse. Anger, shame, guilt, false guilt, hurt, fear, loneliness, rejection, abandonment, and abuse are just a few topics we address throughout each class.

In the end, we want every family to know and seek the truth from God’s Word and have the tools they need to support, encourage, and hold their recovering family member accountable in a healthy way.

If you have more questions about our Family Recovery Program for current residents, please contact us.