Find Hope And Rewrite Your Story

We help men recover from addictions and substance abuse.


We are a Christ-centered drug and alcohol recovery program located in the mountains of North Georgia. 

Our mission is to guide men who are caught in addiction on their recovery journey and help them rewrite their story for a better future. 

We truly believe that the only way to break the cycle of addiction in a life, family, and community is through the miracle-working power of Jesus Christ, and we help each man in our program to address his whole person- mind, body, and spirit.

the jericho house

MEN's program
Our men's program is a twelve-month residential treatment program with counseling and training.
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During their time in the Men’s Program, Jericho House attendees get the opportunity to work in Jericho Industries, get transformational family counseling, and even earn credits toward a counseling certification if they are interested in pursuing a career in Counseling.

Jericho Industries
From remodeling to landscaping, our men work in a variety of industries while in the program.
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FAMILy recovery
A bi-monthly counseling session for all our clients and families to restore relationships.
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