When we BELIEVE in Jesus we do not merely

“BELIEVE something”

we BECOME Something.

We receive a new identity that trumps the failures of the past. We BECOME what and who we BELIEVE! We receive POWER to become sons of God!

OUR FATHER and as He adopted us we receive this truth and call HIM ABBA. Romans 8:15

  1. All the coffee cups I can collect that says—”Best Dad in the World” Still will not make me the best dad in the world.
  2. God deserves a lot of “CUPS” All my affirmations as a DAD will not trump the Fact The God is Top Dad!
  3. DAD’s like to FIX things and situations. God the Father looked upon earth and saw one big fat DADDY ISSUE!!!! So ABBA baffled the universe and sent a Son to fix a Daddy problem!!!!
  4. This was simply because the WAY to be a GOOD DAD is to be transformed into the image of GOD’s Son. The best dads are made from good sons.

“..to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God” John 1:12

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